Joe Young

Composer, Guitarist, Trumpeter, etc.


I love writing music! Be it for a specific event or ensemble, I love it! The context of each piece created is so unique that I ask for some details up front:

1. Why, or for whom is this piece being written?

2. What is the desired instrumentation for your piece?

3. Are their constraints to the length of the work?

4. When and were will the work first be performed?

5. Do you have specific performers in mind?

No worries if you don't have answers to all of those questions! They're just a great place to start!

A time-frame is important: how long a piece takes to write is dependent on length and forces involved: the longer a piece, and the larger the performing ensemble, the longer the work will take. Typically a commissioned project takes anywhere from 3-10 months to complete. 

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A passionate and dedicated educator, I have spent a majority of my music career teaching all ages. In college, as a music education major, I’ve taught K-12 classes, rehearsed student ensembles, and instructed private lessons. With a steady flow of students, kindergarten to adult, I have developed effective and intuitive pedagogies for: trumpet, guitar, mandolin, and banjo. 

If you are just starting out, or would like to take your playing to the next level, please contact me to set up a lesson. Whether it's developing your technical facility, exploring harmony more deeply, or getting your young one to begin a skill set in music, I will guide you to competency and musicality with education and fun.



Want arrangements for your music? For your band? Is there a song that exists already that you'd like arranged for your ensemble? I have loads of experience doing just that for various chamber ensembles, rock bands, choral groups, & jazz combos.

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